Life’s too short; Thank you, cancer

Dedicated to all who have been, who are, and who will be personally touched by cancer.

Life is too short and I’ve decided to go all in. I could fail and I might but I won’t. I’m going all in.

I’ve always wanted professional independence and creative business freedom. It’s been my dream since childhood to own and run a cafe. I’ve finally decided and I’m going all in.

I lived frugally and forced my wife to do so to since we met. We only started spending frivolously once I was diagnosed with cancer. I started the trend by buying a $100 sweatshirt coined the most comfortable hoodie around. I figured I might die. I figured I was going to suffer. I figured the sweatshirt would comfort me. So I bought it, the richest piece of clothing I think I own and I’m not even comfortable wearing it. Still, buying it made me feel good, if even just for a second. I had cancer and a $100 sweatshirt to hold. But my frivolous days are gone.

I’m going all in. Life is simply too short. My cancer could recur, I could die, and my chance will end. I’m taking that chance without regret, through failure or success. No regrets.

Thank you cancer for giving me the courage. I hate you yet you have given me so much. Ever since you entered my life, you recur. I cannot rid you. You’ve taken hold of others close to me, threatening the preciousness that is life. Through your persistence, your seeming omnipresence, you’ve created within me a profound appreciation. Now I cherish all that is the best of life–time, chance, opportunity, friends, family, strangers, and the relationships in between.

I could lose all of these things, and so I’m comfortable going all in. And as I go all in, I bring myself even closer to those things you have helped me to appreciate. For all your evil, cancer, you have brought me great joy. You will always be beside me, through both good and bad, so long as I am.

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5 Responses to Life’s too short; Thank you, cancer

  1. I can’t imagine paying $100 for a sweatshirt – does it have gold trim? But all kidding aside, yes, life is too short. Cancer has made me aware of my own mortality and I try to savor each day.

  2. No gold trim :). You can borrow it when we meet. I hope you are well and in great spirits, Ruth.

  3. Other than my hair falling out – again – I’m doing okay.

  4. Victor says:

    Yay for going all in on ice cream in northern California suburbs like Redwood City!!!

  5. Different city, different business. Hopefully I can share soon!

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