Cancer Free

On April 17, 2014 my treating oncology team reported the following:

The tumor in my chest, which measured 7.5 centimeters in length prior to chemotherapy, now measures nine millimeters. The remaining mass is likely nothing more than dead scar tissue that will be reabsorbed by my body. The chemotherapy worked and I don’t need any more treatment. I will see the oncology team and receive routine scans for the next five years. These scans will be used to catch, as early as possible, any recurrence of the initial cancer or occurrence of a secondary cancer.

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10 Responses to Cancer Free

  1. Victor says:

    Woohoo! Amen!!

  2. erica baker says:

    Wow! !! I am so happy to hear the news. How does it feel?

    Erica C: 313-808-0537

  3. Woo Hoo! That is fantastic news! I am thrilled for you, Josh, and doing a happy chair dance!!! 🙂

  4. Wow…that is amazing – it really worked!! I am so glad. So many times, people go through chemo and the tumor barely shrinks…I am very happy for you. Are you going to change your lifestyle in any way in order to try and prevent cancer re-occurence? Do you believe in the connection of sugar and cancer?

  5. Josh Kizler says:

    Thank you, Ruth! I have been doing a happy chair dance for days. I hope you are well.

  6. Josh Kizler says:

    Thank you, Erica! It feels great. It truly does. It was shocking at first, but it feels great.

  7. Josh Kizler says:

    Thank you, Victor!!!

  8. Josh Kizler says:

    Thank you, storytotellya! I posted a really long link below that includes the American Cancer Society’s take on sugar and cancer. I think it makes sense. Strangely, I am trying to get back to my pre-cancer behavior, which included lots of exercise, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. None of that prevented my cancer from developing, but I felt a whole lot better back then. Additionally, I am going to try and keep my stress down. I think this will be the hardest change for me, but if I can succeed, I hope to feel healthier overall.

    Have you made any lifestyle changes since your diagnoses? What is your take on sugar?

  9. Hey Josh, thank you for the link. I may seem paranoid but I generally stay away from mainstream organizations like the American Cancer society and such because I am very skeptical about greed and the money involved in cancer care. I read some articles about the fact that cancer cells have many more times the amount of glucose recepticals then normal cells – therefore they “eat” more sugar and grow faster than regular cells. If you have access sugar in your blood, the cancer cells will consume more of it. (this is one article I found for example). I personally changed my lifestyle in such a way that I do avoid sugar, I only use agave sirup here and there, I don’t eat ANY processed food, including hams, hot dogs etc., I pretty much don’t eat any meat period. I completely cut out dairy. I cut out coffee too because I think it was making my heart skip beats (I am still on one chemo drug that can damage the heart so I don’t want to add to it). I went to a naturopathic doctor and she helped me out a LOT with what supplements to take to boost my blood and immune system. I have been drinking “green juice” every day that I make at home and my latest blood work actually showed the best cholesterol and triglyceride levels EVER and the doctor even said that the numbers are perfect and couldn’t get any better. So there must be something to it. I only use BPA free plastic stuff and store food in glass. I use organic cosmetics and shampoos etc. I try to avoid any pharmaceutical drug I can if there is a natural alternative, for example, if I have a headache, instead of taking a pill, I drink more water, close my eyes for 10 minutes, eat a small snack, go for a walk etc.and 99% of the time it helps. I can’t remember last time I took a “real” pill. If you have a naturopath where you live, I would recommend visiting them. They are real doctors, they went to a medical school but specialize in natural approaches. I can ask mine if you want, if she knows of any in your area. Email me if you want: so I am not filling up your pages with my long comments. 🙂

  10. cob says:

    This is excellent news! What a nightmare you have lived. You must feel like newborn. Congratulations and all the best for the future!!! :o)

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