Guest Post: A letter from my mom

Dear Josh,

There is no way I can know what you are going through. Although I would like to all I can do is imagine and hallucinate based on whatever elementary knowledge I have, what I have learned the past few months and watching you. I would love to be able to empathize but as I have not ever gone through what you are going through all I can do is sympathize. If I could I would take this horrible disease from you and take it into me. But I can’t. But I know for sure I hate this cancer too. I hate it. And as far as I am concerned its death by chemo is more than deserved.

There was a time I remember being smacked across the face when I was about twelve years old. And, up to January 2014 it was one if not the worst thing I’ve felt physically. Until now. In January’s whirlwind of you discovering cancer I feel like I have been punched in the gut. Every nerve or dendrite I have has been activated to support you. My system is in overdrive.  It as almost as if the collective strength might overcome these out of control cells.

On the other hand, what can I do. I feel helpless and very, very sad. A first grade word sad is but it states the truth simply to the point. You are my child, my baby. I love you. As time passes I truly believe you will beat this cancer. You must. You will.  And, still we won’t know until the final chemo session is over. But I do believe you definitely are strong and will beat this cancer not only you but all of us hate.

Luv U,

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2 Responses to Guest Post: A letter from my mom

  1. Good for your mom!

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