Share a Lasting Plate

Ever share a meal with a loved one? How about the plate? It can do wonders for you, your loved one, your health, your waistline, your budget, and even a bit for the environment. This may not sound too appealing if you have space issues, or if you aren’t particularly interested in crossing forks or in potential contamination. But if the loved one is in fact a loved one then you have likely done much more intimate and personal activities together than sharing a plate.

The action is as simple as it sounds and can actually add to the eating pleasure. Rather than dishing out two plates, simply serve one. Make it slightly larger than you would were you serving two plates, but not twice the size. The single serving will still look large enough to the point that you can sit down together, enjoy one another’s company and dine. Considering how large the first plate was you might not be as tempted to return for seconds and thirds. Perhaps one of you will be satisfied and one will not, but he or she can find solace back at the stove.

How is this related to the environment? Individuals from developed countries consume and waste a lot of food. As the human population increases the stress level that humanity’s food requirements place on available lands also increases. Compounded with constant land development, which turns arable land into impermeable blacktop, the amount of available farmland per person diminishes. Yes, this is all quite distantly related to sharing a plate, but let me make my case further.

Sharing a plate can be done at home or in a restaurant. Imagine the cost savings, especially at the local bistro. Your bill will be lower, your stomachs will be trimmer, and you will feel much better when you walk out of the restaurant. The same goes for the home, where the urge to stuff yourself into gluttony will evaporate, or at least wane. You will only have to wash one dish, saving you time and water. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you will, as many folks in more communal societies know already, enjoy the pleasure of actually sharing a plate with your loved one. It truly is a magical experience, almost like being a kid again, sharing a plate with your childhood sweetheart right until the last bite.

P.S. For the adventurous, eat with your hands. This will not only further reduce the amount of dishes but it will make the food taste better. This is why babies often look so blissful when they have food all over their faces (perhaps?).


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